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Military Partially Cancelled Schedule

If a service member receives orders during the semester to deploy or relocate and is able to continue some, but not all, of their scheduled classes due to the demands of the deployment or relocation, there is an option to partially cancel their schedule. The service member can request a Partially Cancelled Schedule which will allow them to drop some of their scheduled courses and continue others as long as course requirements can be met for the retained courses while the service member is on orders. This allows the service member to continue to work towards completing degree requirements instead of having to initiate a full military withdrawal for the semester. In the case of a partially canceled schedule, students will be allowed to drop a portion of their scheduled courses after consulting their college/academic unit, and they will maintain their status in the university as a degree candidate. This policy also applies to a service member’s spouses/domestic partner when the service member receives orders.

Full military withdrawals will be considered in cases where the student is unable to complete their full schedule of courses.