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Veteran Special Living Option

A Veteran Special Living Option (SLO) is only offered at the University Park campus for first-year undergraduate students with veteran status who are enrolled in the EDUC 100 Veterans First-Year Seminar. The Special Living Option is offered in collaboration with the Office of Veterans Programs.

The First-Year Veterans SLO will give veteran students a space to transition to college with others sharing a similar experience, take a first-year seminar course with others you live with, and engage in a social community with non-traditionally aged college students. The First-Year Veterans SLO is located in White Course Apartments and offers 4-person/4-bedroom fully-furnished apartments. Each apartment features four private bedrooms, two bathrooms, a shared kitchen and living room spaces, and a washer/dryer. These apartments are located on the west side of campus, which is easily accessible via the Red Link CATA bus line. 

Visit Penn State Housing for more information.