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Military Short-Term Absence

When service members receive unexpected military orders during the semester that will interrupt their academic pursuit by requiring a short-term absence, the service member must notify their course instructor(s) as soon as possible and complete a class absence form. The service member should discuss with the course instructor(s) options to complete work in advance, make up missed work, or other options available to mitigate the absence that are within reason to meet course requirements in accordance with Faculty Senate Policy 42-27 (Class Attendance)

If the service member is unable to make arrangements with the instructor(s) to mitigate the absence, they can follow the appeal process as outlined in Academic Administrative Policies & Procedures Manual E-11 (Class Attendance). If a resolution cannot be achieved with the instructor(s) and the appeal process fails, service members who provide the verified orders for the absence can have the course(s) administratively canceled and 100% of the tuition for the course(s) refunded.

For orders requiring absences lasting longer than two weeks, students may pursue a military withdrawal directly through the University Registrar’s Office.