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Dedicated VA Certifying Officials

We simplify the benefits certification process. Each Penn State campus has a veteran liaison.  These liaisons are Penn State employees who coordinate your Veterans Administration (VA) education benefits with the VA and they are referred to as School Certifying Officials (SCOs). They are liaisons between Penn State students and the VA. The main responsibility of the SCO is to facilitate access to your VA education benefits. They report student enrollment, term dates, credit loads, and qualifying costs to the VA in order for benefit payments to be disbursed to student veterans. SCOs also typically coordinate the veteran programs and services on campus.

You will need to submit a Certification Request Form (CRF) each semester you wish to use VA educational benefits. It is important for student veterans to provide their designated SCO enrollment information each semester in order for benefits to continue without disruption. Each campus has its own dedicated SCO in order to better serve you. 

View contact information for Penn State School Certifying Officials.